Felicity Peebles

Felicity Peebles Class of 2019 Lanita Rocknettes. 

"I became a student in the Lanita Rocknettes through their Success Academy Program during my Sophomore year of high school. Joining LRSD helped me develop a greater appreciation for the Arts. I learned business management and marketing skills which have greatly contributed to my collegiate success thus fur. I would not be right here, where I am right now if LRSD & Success Academy hadn't pushed me to Dream Big & Be The Best student and person that I can be. " 

  • Act Score: 26
  • High-school GPA: 3.6 
  • College GPA: 3.8 
  • Scholarships: LRSD Graduate Scholarship $500 
  • Woodford R. Porter full tuition plus $3000 per semester
  • Gummys R Us™ Internship 2018   

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Success academy

Success Academy are closed door sessions for students in grades 6 -12 only that addresses relevant topics important to them including: community issues, peer pressure, college prep, etiquette, finance and character development-just to name a few.  Success Academy is currently held on Saturday afternoons from 1:30p to 2:30p and on select days during the week.

Success Academy Sessions for 2019

Beautiful Me

My College Experience

ACT Test Prep

Etiquette 101

Goal Getters

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